, author: Ermakova M.

Five jewelry trends for 2024

As with clothing, the jewelry market is sensitive to what is happening in the world.

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White diamonds, pearls and colored gemstones such as emeralds and sapphires continue to be popular, especially in high-end jewelry designs. However, there have been changes in the world of jewelry, both in terms of stones, techniques used, and even high jewelry pieces. From voluminous jewelry to opal jewelry, these are the trends to keep a keen eye on this year.


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Thanks to Schiaparelli creative director Daniel Roseberry, who pulled jewelry with surreal elements from the archives, this style is back in fashion. For example, season after season he integrates into the design the iconic pearl eye brooch created by Jean Cocteau in 1952. Faces carved into golden cuffs, or massive hammered brass earrings with dangling eyes and ears are all interpretations from Roseberry, who shows no signs of stopping. Meanwhile, Fendi's Delphine Delettre offers a more nuanced take on things. Her delicate jewelry for different parts of the body as part of the Anatomic collection is a sophisticated way to add a little “surprise” to your look.

Pop Art

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The jewelry house Boucheron does not allow competitors to relax with a strong “innovative” approach. Decorative brooches that look like the famous “great wave” of the Japanese Hokusai, or graphic rings in geometric shapes – the fashion house generously flavors its jewelry with pop art, while still not forgetting about quality. The finest materials are used, including gold, diamonds and sapphires, but combined with enamel.


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The stone, symbolizing the depths of the ocean, captures attention with a unique “fire”, shimmering in the sun with almost all the colors of the rainbow. Blue, green, flashes of orange and pink - well, what is not a microgalaxy enclosed inside such an “alien”? In the world of high jewelry fashion, opal now takes center stage and is decorated in a variety of ways. Baguette-cut diamonds to emphasize rarity, or colored stones to highlight the myriad shades.

Sea creatures

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The fauna theme doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. Only the course has changed, as in the case of the opal, it is taken to dive into the depths of the sea. And there’s so much to see! Anemones, starfish and jellyfish are what Tiffany & Co is happy to use in its designs. Corals are another “organic” inspiration that can be seen in Mikimoto’s “Praise to the Sea” collection. Bright earrings in the form of corals or a fish studded with precious stones, peeking out from the plants on a brooch and as if inspired by a sea fantasy.

Plants and leaves

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But the flora is not giving up ground either. Of course, we were already quite fed up with flowers, so jewelry houses began to “unearth” more prosaic motifs. Such as grains of wheat, present in Chaumet products, branches or even foliage, actively used by fashion houses as inspiration. After all, nature is a brilliant artist and it would be a sin not to take advantage of her gifts when you yourself create beauty and bring it to this world.