, author: Ermakova M.

Penelope Cruz explained why she doesn't drive a car

As a child, the actress witnessed a tragedy that happened to a person close to her.

Photo source: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Penelope Cruz graces the cover of the February issue of ELLE magazine and talks about her new film Ferrari. In the biopic about the life of the famous Italian car designer, she played the role of his wife, Laura Ferrari. Despite this, the topic of cars is not close to the actress; moreover, she is afraid of them. And this is connected with the tragedy that happened in childhood, when time seemed to stand still for her.

Photo source: Zoey Grossman/ELLE

“My sister was hit by a car in front of me when I was eight or nine,” Penelope said. “It’s a huge trauma because I saw her lose consciousness.” And I remember repeating in the hospital: “My sister just got hit by a car.”

Photo source: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

If this had happened as an adult, she would have been “hysterical,” Cruz admitted. According to her, that’s why she didn’t try to get behind the wheel on the set of Michael Mann’s Ferrari.