, author: Ermakova M.

Until better times: 6 fashion anti-trends-2024

It's time to put some things on the farthest shelf of the closet.

The year 2024 has barely arrived, but it is already setting trends. Listen to him and get rid of what is no longer fashionable:

Knitted snoods

The peak of their popularity came last season, but today it becomes clear that these hats, due to their large knitting, allow cold air to pass through, which means they do a poor job of their main task—warming. Snood has the right to be in your wardrobe, but it is better to choose another insulating material. For example, eco-fur.

Pompom hats

young woman wearing warm clothes

It's cute, but, alas, no longer fashionable, like all kinds of ears and tails on hats. But hats without pompoms, all kinds of knitted and fur headbands, and fur headphones are a worthy alternative.

Natural fur coats


This year, fashion trends have moved towards environmental friendliness and comfort. It’s difficult to call fur coats made from natural fur comfortable - they are usually heavy (our mothers won’t let you lie, because in the days of their youth such outerwear was, as they said then, the latest fashion). By giving preference to eco-fur coats, you will feel light and look stylish.

Tight pants

Girl in high heels driving a car.

Photo source: 123rf.com

They were incredibly popular 5-6 years ago, but today tight silhouettes are no longer in fashion. When going to work, a restaurant or the theater, opt for straight trousers and a slightly cropped jacket or jacket.

Volumetric decorations

Massive chains, earrings and pendants visually weigh down the image, especially if they are worn by a woman of fragile build. This season, restraint and conciseness are important in jewelry and accessories.

Small handbags


Every second fashionista had bags, their size more reminiscent of cosmetic bags, at the beginning of the 2000s. Today it is recommended to forget about all the style trends of that era, especially regarding accessories. What was fashionable 20 years ago is hopelessly outdated today and can create a ridiculous, comical impression of you.