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Year of the Dragon

2024 will be the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac, bringing renewed energy through its association with luck, vitality and transformation.

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The Year of the Dragon, also known as the Spring Festival, begins on February 10th in the Chinese zodiac. In China and other countries of East and Southeast Asia, this holiday has been celebrated for more than 3,500 years.

In the Chinese horoscope, which is related to the lunar calendar, the animal assigned to each person depends on the year of birth, unlike the Western horoscope, where the sign is related to the constellation in which the Sun is located each day of the year. The Chinese lunar calendar is the oldest known, dating back to 2637 BC. Since it lists 12 animals and five elements, a complete cycle lasts 60 years and consists of five simple cycles of 12 years each. In the Chinese horoscope, based on the lunar calendar, each person is associated with an animal depending on the year of his birth.

Origin of the tradition.

There is a legend about the origin of this eastern tradition, which is celebrated by a quarter of the world's population. It is said that the Jade Emperor, the ruler of heaven, called the animals to a race and said that the first twelve would enter the zodiac. On the way we had to cross a river.

The rat and the cat were great friends. They didn't know how to swim, so they climbed onto the back of a buffalo to swim across the river. There the rat threw the cat into the water, and since then they have been enemies. Thus, the rat came ashore first and took first place, followed by the buffalo.

The tiger and rabbit finished next. Then the dragon appeared and told the emperor that he was not the first to arrive because he had stopped making rain.

After the dragon, a horse was heard galloping, but it stumbled, frightened by the snake, which took sixth place. The horse was seventh.

The goat, monkey and rooster took 8th, 9th and 10th places respectively: they helped each other cross the river. The rooster built a raft of wood, and the goat and monkey cleared the thicket. The dog, despite being the best swimmer, decided to cool off in the river and took 11th place. The last to reach the finish line was the pig, who took a nap along the way, but still managed to become part of the zodiac.

The cat ultimately took only 13th place and did not make it into the prestigious group.

Year of the Dragon.

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Year of the Dragon.

2024, according to the Chinese calendar, is the Year of the Dragon. It will be full of renewal and cosmic power. Associated with luck, vitality and transformation, this powerful sign promises to bring unique energy. Let's tell you how each Chinese zodiac sign can use the magic of this lunar cycle.

Dragon character traits.

The dragon is a symbol of power, nobility and good luck in Chinese culture. People born under this sign are usually charismatic, enterprising and full of vitality. His presence often marks periods of significant change and significant events.

Each year according to the Chinese horoscope is associated with one of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. In 2024, the dragon will be influenced by the element of wood, which adds an extra dimension of growth, flexibility and expansion. Thus, cosmic energies suggest that this period will be favorable for new beginnings, be it in the personal, professional or spiritual sphere.

The Dragon is an entrepreneurial sign, and its influence can create significant opportunities at work and in business. Those who are willing to take on challenges and take initiative can reap exceptional rewards. Everything depends on the strength of the dragon's fire, his courage and his wisdom.

As for personal relationships, they will also be favorable during the year of the dragon. Forming strong connections and strengthening family and friendship bonds will be encouraged. Open and honest communication will be key to building friendships and other lasting relationships.

Year of the Dragon.

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Influence of the year of the dragon on 12 signs.

  1. The Rat may get promoted in his career and social relationships. Adaptability and cunning will be valuable qualities.
  2. The Ox can gain stability and financial success. This is a good time to plan investments and set long-term goals.
  3. The Tiger may face difficulties, but perseverance and determination will help him overcome obstacles. Reflection and self-reflection are encouraged.
  4. The Rabbit will experience positive changes in his personal and creative life. Artistic expression and emotional exploration will stand out.
  5. The Dragon. For those born in the year of the dragon, this is a special year of return. The opportunities for leadership and self-reflection are clear.
  6. The Snake can find stability in their relationships and significant personal growth. Patience will be the key.
  7. The Horse will have a socially active year, full of opportunities for career growth. Cooperation will be useful.
  8. The Goat will have a blossoming in her spiritual life and will find balance in her relationships. Gratitude and compassion will be necessary.
  9. The Monkey may face difficulties, but adaptability and determination will help him find effective solutions. Self-confidence is recommended.
  10. The Rooster can achieve career growth and public recognition. Effective communication will be key.
  11. The Dog will experience significant changes in her family and professional life. Flexibility and patience will be critical.
  12. The Pig can gain financial stability and enjoy joyful moments in his personal life. Gratitude and enjoying the present are essential.

Lantern Festival.

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Long holiday.

Chinese New Year comes on February 10th and the celebration lasts 15 days until the full moon. Oriental culture lovers can start early with meditation to connect with the energy of the Wood Dragon.

The day before the Chinese New Year, dinner is prepared at the home of the oldest member of the family. This is the most important dish of the year. Candles are lit and wishes are made. According to Chinese chronology, the year 4722 begins. The celebrations will begin on the first day of the first lunar month and end on the 15th with the Lantern Festival.

There, ancestors are honored with offerings, cleaning of altars and visits to the cemetery.

Another tradition or custom is purification, an action that must be performed in the first days of the year. In addition, a special decor is added, in which red and gold accents predominate.

Deities representing warriors can often be seen standing at the door. Lion and dragon dances are prominent at festivals, have their origins in martial arts and are very often present at celebrations in city centers and main squares.

Celebrating Chinese New Year.

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What to do in the Year of the Dragon?

During this Year of the Dragon, take time to meditate to connect with the energy of this powerful animal. Visualize your goals and desires and allow this powerful cosmic influence to guide your thoughts. Perform cultural celebrations or rituals related to the Year of the Dragon. Light candles, make offerings, and think about your intentions for the new cycle.

Channel creativity and innovation. The Year of the Dragon is favorable for starting new projects and expressing your creativity in unique ways.

As the Year of the Dragon promises to be a period of renewal, growth and exceptional opportunity in the Chinese zodiac, you can harness its energy to forge your path to success and fulfillment. Whether it's meditation, cultural rituals, or exploring new projects, this cosmic year gives you the opportunity to transform yourself and live in accordance with your deepest aspirations.

May the power of the dragon lead you to a year full of magic and achievements!