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Soft trousers at work: how and what to wear with them

The desire to spend time comfortably in the office does not leave many of us, especially in winter.

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Whether it's loose sweatpants, soft leggings or wide-leg trousers with added silk, these are probably the most comfortable thing you can wear. Ever since knitted trousers became the ideal leisure wear, they were banned from the business wardrobe and still remain outside the formal wear zone. However, there are many ways that not everyone knows about how you can style such a piece of clothing without violating the office dress code. In this review, we have collected several suitable options with your favorite casual trousers.

Wide knit trousers

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The wide leg silhouette is the perfect choice when you want to look impeccable. Experts recommend choosing products made from “smooth” knitwear (jersey, thick jersey with the addition of silk, viscose, etc.) that look “soft and silky” while remaining durable and wrinkle-free.

Flared leggings

Loose leggings are all the rage right now, which is great if you want to wear them to work (without anyone knowing). Choose quality knit materials that can drape or flare at the hemline to be both elegant and comfortable.

Trousers with fringes

Some details give the image a completely different, unusual tone. And among them is fringe. Pants decorated with fringes on the sides will fill you with the energy of high fashion and “erase” the impression of “comfortable loungewear”.

Silk cargo pants

Spacious and soft, cargo pants made of silk or satin will add eclecticism and relevance to your look. Pair them with a blazer if you're feeling "executive" in the mood. Or with a voluminous cardigan if you want to “wrap yourself up” and feel like you’re in a cocoon.

Sports trousers

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Don't let the elastic ankle bands fool others. These are no longer the sweatpants they were forced to wear to physical education at school. Paired with loafers, decorated with snaps or buttons, classic sweatshirt trousers in pastel or bright colors will make you “fashionable” in the eyes of others.


Just don’t tell the authors of the office dress code that you see almost no difference between a strict “professional” suit and a laconic top with narrow soft trousers in dark colors. Of course, with the exception of the comfort you feel.

Ruffled trousers

“Waviness” has long integrated soft trousers into the business wardrobe. We recommend looking for deeply saturated colors, patterns or prints that can breathe even more life into this style.

"Jockey" leggings with straps

Almost everyone knows that you can “trick” the brain and make tight leggings look like cigarette pants. Just add high straps and wear them to work. Pair them with an oversized pullover and heels to maximize your confidence.

Color-matched sweatpants

One way to take soft pants to the next level is to make the silhouette visually wide and color coordinated between the bottom and top. The image is neat, even if its individual components are taken from leisure wear.

Shimmering Loose Pants

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Soft metallic or sparkle trousers paired with a decadent sweater or blouse will evoke women's clothing from the past, while firmly rooted in modern fashion with its strong "girl" moment.

Cropped trousers

Tapered at the hem, cropped trousers made from soft silk or shiny satin will add a seriously personal touch to your outfit.