, author: Ermakova M.

Shades of femininity: 5 fashion trends for 2024

This season, fashion has taken a course towards femininity. We have collected 5 of the most unusual trends for you.

Emphasizing the silhouette and focusing on the advantages of the figure this year is not only possible, but also necessary:


lace dress

Lace dresses, skirts, blouses, tops are something that should definitely be present in your spring-summer wardrobe. Puffed sleeves are also trendy on blouses and shirts - they make the look both aristocratic and cute. When going on a date, to a restaurant or any other place where you want to feel like a true lady, turn to this trend - it won’t let you down

Corsetry items


A corset top or dress will highlight all the natural curves of your body and make you look a little slimmer. Such tops can be combined with literally anything: with jeans or formal trousers, a flowy or business “office” skirt. A corset top worn over a white blouse will make the look especially sophisticated and sophisticated.



This brutal decoration is suitable for those who are not too close to the image of a gentle princess. Dark wide chokers with metal (or leather) elements will add a bit of noir and mystery to your look.

Low-rise trousers/jeans


Photo source: 123rf.com

Hello two thousanders! Yes, it was at the beginning of the 2000s that almost every girl sported such trousers in combination with a bright, minimalist top. This year, the fashion of the early 2000s is returning to us, so such a look would be quite appropriate. On a walk, in a movie or a cafe - where there is no strict dress code, you can again feel the flair of freedom and youth.

Shoulder pads

Jackets and cardigans with shoulder pads were relevant both in the 70s and 90s - then they began to loudly and without fear declare the equal rights of women and men. These conversations do not subside (fortunately) even now, and therefore the fashion for shoulder pads is returning. Wear such a loose-fitting jacket, complement it with formal trousers or a skirt, choose shoes that attract attention to your feet (heeled shoes or spectacular boots) and you will not go unnoticed anywhere.

Follow fashion changes, but remember the need to always be yourself and choose only what you feel comfortable in.