, author: Ermakova M.

Sharon Stone calls those who are afraid of aging “stupid and ungrateful”

The 65-year-old actress didn't always think so.

Photo source: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

Age is just a number for Sharon Stone. The Basic Instinct star commented on this difficult topic for many in an interview with the UK Times. "Yes. There are less than two months left until my birthday, and I will become even older,” said the actress. “But I like being alive and healthy.” And, in my opinion, we should really strive for this. Because I see some who don’t do anything about it.”

Photo source: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

According to Stone, it’s strange, in general, to reflect on the topic of age. Life cannot be stopped, and sooner or later everyone gets older. “I think that people who are embarrassed about their age are simply stupid and ungrateful,” she noted. But the actress didn’t always think so. Nowadays she sometimes posts photographs where she poses in a swimsuit and does not hide the natural course of things. Previously, she was fond of Botox injections, which really helped her a lot, but not in the generally accepted sense.

“During the period of super fame, I injected myself with Botox, fillers, etc. And then I had a massive stroke and a nine-day cerebral hemorrhage, and I had to do more than 300 of these injections to get the immobilized side of my face to work,” she added in conclusion. .