, author: Ermakova M.

Taylor Swift congratulated Travis Kelce on his victory

The 34-year-old singer was not afraid to go out to her athlete boyfriend after finishing an American football game.

Photo source: Rob Carr/Getty Images

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelsey's romance is getting more and more serious. The night before, after the end of an American football game at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, the singer emotionally left the VIP box where she was watching the match and went out onto the field to personally congratulate her boyfriend. His Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens 17-10 in the AFC championship to secure a spot in the 2024 NFL Super Bowl. It will take place on February 11th in Paradise, Nevada.

Photo source: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The touching moment between the couple was caught on camera, and many viewers after the broadcast began to wonder what Travis said to Taylor as he embraced her. Later, journalists transcribed it verbatim. The first question was: “How are you, dear?”, and the second: “How did you like the game?”.

Photo source: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Since Swift and Kelsey's relationship became known in early fall, many have accused the artist of diverting all the attention to herself during broadcasts of NFL matches with her lover. “I’m only here (at the stadium) to support Travis,” Taylor later commented on the claims to Time magazine. “And I don’t realize how often they show me and how much it infuriates dads, various Brads and Chads,” she noted with a smile.