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Note to fashionistas: 6 most current shades of bags

Neutral and bright, strict and casual... - how to choose a bag that will characterize you as a stylish person? Let's talk about the most fashionable color schemes for the coming season.

There is still enough time before spring that you can devote to choosing a stylish handbag. These fresh shades will make your spring-summer look special, because they are the ones that are relevant in 2024:



A light gray bag made of genuine leather or suede is universal. This accessory will complement both everyday and evening, brutal and romantic looks equally harmoniously. A basic color for those who love classics and are not ready to experiment with shades.

Pastel yellow

bag and accessories

This shade is very restrained, but still unusual and cheerful. It will not be dissonant with a business suit, will “make friends” with a flowing sundress, and will ideally suit an image consisting of worn jeans and a T-shirt. Various shapes and dimensions of such a bag are acceptable.

Bright red

red bag

A classic, but in a more daring version. A rich red bag will emphasize the femininity and delicate taste of its owner, especially if it is made of genuine leather. Other fabric options (textiles, eco-leather) will be appropriate for relaxed daytime looks, while red genuine leather is exclusively a business/evening option.


blue handbag

A very soft, delicate color, hinting at the romantic nature of the one on whose hand or shoulder such a bag flaunts. Pairs well with bows in white and gray, as well as other neutral colors.

Light brown

Bag Givenchy "Antigona"

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A handbag of this color will “fit” into any look, but it will be especially beautiful as a complement to a classic, business, feminine look (if you are wearing a formal suit, a straight dress, or a cloak that emphasizes your silhouette, take a light brown bag with you - you won’t go wrong).



Noble color. Depending on the shape of the bag and the material from which it is made, you can combine such an accessory with any style. Leather bag - for evening outings, business meetings, gatherings in a cafe with friends. With an olive-colored textile bag, you will become the most noticeable person on a walk in the park or on a date. A miniature clutch or a spacious bucket bag, a convenient shopper, a minimalist backpack - what will you choose?