, author: Ermakova M.

Beauty under the hat: how to maintain your hair in winter

The frosts don't go away, but life hacks that maintain your hair under a hat will make life much easier and help you stay attractive throughout the cold season.

Without a warm hat, beret or hood in winter it is hardly possible to go outside. But what if you have done a beautiful hairstyle that should last at least a few hours? Definitely, you shouldn’t give up your hat when going to an important event or holiday. We'll show you how to maintain your hairstyle under a hat:

Do not use varnishes and mousses

Spray bottle

These fixatives will not fix the style you painstakingly created, but what it will look like after you remove the hat. You need a lighter product based on water. Making it yourself is very easy - just mix water with your hair conditioner in a ratio of 1 tbsp. funds for a glass of water. Pour the mixture into a container with a spray bottle, apply it to your hair and style it with your hands. Now the hat will not destroy the beauty you created.

Silk lined hats

woman smiles

This headdress will very carefully preserve your hairstyle, since silk is not electrified. If you couldn’t find such a hat in the store, then sew a piece of silk yourself to the inside of your headdress.

Accessories made from natural materials

Woman wearing big hair

Use hair clips and elastic bands only from natural materials (for example, wood) or silicone. They do not conduct electricity, so such accessories will keep your hair in its original form without turning it into a dandelion.

Not right away

Do not put on a hat immediately after washing and drying your hair. After drying your hair with hot air, spray it with cold air for another minute. And then take another 10-15 minutes for the hair to take shape and “lay down” naturally.

Dry shampoo

If your hair is still wrinkled or “broken” under a hat, an express massage with dry shampoo will help restore its volume and vitality. Apply a little product to your fingers and rub into the scalp at the roots of the hair for one and a half minutes. This will cause the strands at the roots to rise a little, become more voluminous, and traces of creases will disappear.