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Zendaya with her very short bangs in a gothic style became popular at Paris

Paris Fashion Week witnessed the resplendent presence of Zendaya, who was back on trend with her unmistakable gothic style.

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At Paris Fashion Week, Zendaya stunned everyone with a radical change of look. The Euphoria star, known for her avant-garde style, made an unexpected and risky bet by bringing her short bangs back into the spotlight.

After a dazzling Schiaparelli show, Zendaya took her gothic glamor to a new level in the Front row from Fendi, catching everyone's attention with her vampy look that redefines elegance.

At the Fendi couture show, Zendaya wore a burgundy dress with open shoulders, long glove sleeves, and a distinctive collar-hoop. But what really stood out was her hair of a reddish hue and, above all, her bangs. Completing the look were Christian Louboutin shoes, a silver necklace and earthy-colored makeup with red lips.

Zendaya at a fashion show in Paris. January, 2024.

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The triumphant return of baby bang bangs

Zendaya decided to make one of the most viral haircuts of the season - baby bangs. This style of bangs, inspired by the iconic Audrey Hepburn, features a short cut above the eyebrows and a straight cut or slightly "angled" bangs. The "Dune" star took this look to the next level, making it a fashion phenomenon.

These youthful bangs have become a key element in Zendaya's beauty arsenal. It is suitable for oval, elongated or heart-shaped faces. It is also ideal for disguising imperfections and directing all looks to the bangs area.

Baby bangs care

Although baby bangs are not the most comfortable bangs, grooming is crucial here to maintain its elegance. Avoiding frequent touching of the bangs is key to getting them less dirty. Using dry shampoos can also be helpful in keeping bangs fresh.

Zendaya isn't the only star who has opted for micro bangs

Celebrities like Julia Garner and Leighton Meester have also stood out with this geometric and futuristic style. On the runways, famous brands such as Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen and Givenchy staked out makeup looks with futuristic fringe on their models, cementing microflexion as a rising trend.

Zendaya took Baby bang to the next level by making it an integral part of her fashion looks. Her boldness to embrace this short style shows her determination to make it a phenomenon of the season.