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Prince Harry has banned Meghan Markle from publishing her memoirs

The royal "rebel" intends to reconcile with his father and older brother.

Photo source: Ben Birchall - WPA Pool / Getty Images

Prince Harry has vetoed the publication of an autobiography written by his wife Meghan Markle. Recently, royal biographer Tom Bauer claimed that in the "candid" book, the Duchess will try to tell everything that she and her husband have not had time to tell the world. But it seems the couple are at odds over the necessity of the opus.

A year ago, Harry released a scandalous memoir called "Spare", which further alienated his royal father and older brother. And it seems the prince doesn't want to further deepen the chasm between himself and his British relatives.

An unnamed source told OK! that Harry himself was thinking of writing a sequel to "Spare", saying he had enough material for a second book. But he refused the idea, as well as Meghan's permission to publish his memoirs. According to an interviewer, the prince wants to establish closer contact with Charles III and Prince William. Harry congratulated his father via video link on his 75th birthday in November, and their communication was quite successful. But the king's youngest son still hasn't spoken to his older brother. Although it is reported that Meghan recently called Kate Middleton while she was in the hospital for abdominal surgery.