, author: Plackhin A.

Not adding years: top accessories that age you

It's not just heavy makeup and age-inappropriate clothing that adds age. Little things like accessories can also make you look visually older.

Jewelry, handbags and other details complete the image and can say a lot about the character of its owner. It is difficult to imagine a woman's exit "in the light" without accessories. But it is important to know how to choose them correctly. Let's find out together what to avoid:

Beads/necklaces in several rows

Such jewelry, even if it is thin, weighs down the image and makes you look like a Christmas tree. Beads in one thread look more laconic, with them you will look emphatically feminine, but fresh.

Jewelry sets

Golden Necklace chain and bracelet

The same ring, earrings and necklace - a trend that was relevant 15-20 years ago. Now, if you have a jewelry set, it is better to wear the items from it separately or, at the very least, combining them as follows: ring + earrings or necklace + bracelet. Do not wear three or four identical pieces at once, it cheapens the image and adds to your age.

Massive long earrings

Such jewelry "steals" the growth and adds at least 5 years to its owner. If you want to wear large earrings, choose minimalist models, without pendants and chains. It is desirable, silver or resembling the color of silver, because gold subconsciously refers us to the past (in times when this metal was a sign of financial solvency), therefore, makes us older.

Silk scarves/shawls

Silk is a very solid, status material that only looks organic on older ladies. But a lot depends on how to tie such a scarf. Young girls are advised to avoid intricate knots, brooches on scarves. The usual knot, fastening the ends, will be enough.

Pearl necklaces


Especially if the beads in it are of the right shape and the pearls are natural. Women under 45 years old are recommended to wear baroque pearls, but it is categorically not recommended to supplement business looks with pearl jewelry - such a look looks heavy and old. A string of pearls can complement a graceful girlish dress, but not a strict suit.