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How to lose weight and improve posture with the Zero Training method

Based on achieving proper body posture, a Japanese expert designed this workout with the goal of burning more fat without long and difficult exercise.

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The Zero Training method, developed by Japanese trainer and yoga teacher Tomomi Ishimura, is a form of exercise that allows you to lose weight in just 5 minutes of daily exercise. It consists of a combination of different disciplines aimed at achieving proper body posture to correct the figure.

According to Ishimura's claims, the body becomes more lazy over time due to the constant pressure we put on the body and improper postures. This leads to difficulties in the weight loss process and slower fat burning.

To prevent this from happening, you need to bring your body back to its natural position, called zero posture. By accomplishing this, you accelerate weight loss, improve circulation and strengthen your abdominal muscles while reducing bloating. In doing so, both your silhouette and posture are improved. As an added benefit, adopting zero posture leads to a calm state free from stress and anxiety.

All exercises are performed using only body weight. Course: daily for four consecutive weeks. During each exercise, the goal is to achieve a state of relaxation, so it is important to focus on breathing, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

Zero Training Method

The best part about zero training: you can comfortably perform it at home in just five minutes. The Zero Workout is designed to counteract muscle soreness, tone your muscles, and ultimately lose weight. According to Tomomi Ishimura, largely due to our poor posture and unhealthy habits (yes, that's right: we mean bent over on the couch with a laptop in our lap), our bodies sag and accumulate fat over the years. And mostly exactly where we DON'T want it to.

How the mini workout works

To perform the exercises, you should lie on the floor in a supine position, preferably on a yoga mat. Ideally, you should have a few more yoga pillows to help you get your body back into proper posture. In this video, Tomomi Ishimura shows you exactly how to do a zero-g workout.

Does Zero Training live up to its promises?

Tomomi Ishimura claims that you can lose weight with Zero Training - and is said to lose up to seven centimeters of waist circumference. But whether regaining that zero posture will actually help us shed fat and lose weight is scientifically debatable. That's because not all bodies experience the same effect from a certain method of exercise. While some people torture themselves with an hour in the gym every day and lose little or no weight, others without much exercise shed pounds for nothing. Not to mention that in addition to genetics, of course, food habits and lifestyle also affect our fitness.

But in any case, our health can benefit from better posture. Back pain and other musculoskeletal problems - we can declare a battle against them with Zero Training's gentle muscle stretching exercises. Breathing exercises help us to be more mindful of ourselves and our bodies. This way, we get a better sense of our body - and this is completely irrespective of our weight.

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