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Multipurpose tool: 5 unusual ways to use eyeshadow

Eyeshadows can be used for more than just eye makeup. They can help you in almost any situation that requires you to look particularly attractive.

If you find yourself in a situation where you don't have a full makeup bag on hand, or the right product is lost/out of stock, any eye shadow will come to the rescue. Here's how you can use them:


Both liquid and dry shadows can replace blush. Use pink or peach shades. If they are liquid, apply them to the skin with your fingers, beating them in. And dry shadows are better to apply with a brush, pre-moisturize the skin and apply foundation - so the shadows will last longer on the cheeks.


And shadows can easily replace lipstick. When using dry shadows, moisturize your lips with balm or oil beforehand and then gently massage the product into your lips with your fingers. When using liquid, cream shadows, you can skip the moisturizing step.


Shadow palette.

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Orange shadow will help to cover black eyes when there is no concealer at hand. This technique is often used by makeup artists. Moisturize your skin, apply foundation, and then apply the shadow (using your fingers, beating it in). Afterwards, apply another drop of foundation and beat it in as well - this will smooth out the orange pigment, bringing the skin tone closer to your natural skin tone.


Highlighters can be shadows in nude shades, with fine shimmer. Apply to cheekbones and/or nose, then lightly powder and blend with a brush. Done!

Eyebrow pencil

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Dry shadows will make your eyebrows visually brighter and more expressive. But it is important not to make a mistake with the shade: if you have light hair, the color of your eyebrows should be a couple of tones darker, and vice versa. Distribute the shadows with a brush and blend with an eyebrow brush - no one will guess that you didn't use a pencil. The main advantage of shadows over pencil is that it is easier to paint the space between the hairs, resulting in a more aesthetic, complete image.