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Being beautiful is as easy as shelling pears: top cosmetic lifehacks

Being beautiful is as easy as shelling pears: top Make-up, manicure - a long and complicated process? Not at all.

Beauty rituals, as a rule, give women a good mood, relax and energize them. But we don’t always have time for leisurely beauty restoration. We'll tell you how to make makeup or manicure take less time and be easier, while remaining just as joyful and desirable a ritual:

Reanimating mascara/lip gloss

Beautiful eyelashes.

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If the lip gloss is about to run out, and the mascara is hopelessly dry, then place the tubes in a container with hot water (but not boiling water) for two minutes. After that, take it out and apply as usual. You will be surprised, but the mascara will lie on your eyelashes evenly and without lumps, and you can easily scoop up a few more drops from the tube of gloss.

Making an express smokey

beautiful girl

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A simple version of smoky eyes can be done very quickly. We draw the lower and upper eyelids with a pencil (you don’t have to worry about evenness and graphic lines), shade with a brush or finger, paint the eyelashes: apply the first layer of mascara as usual, the second - holding the brush in a vertical position. Thanks to vertical application, the eyelashes are separated from each other and look fluffier.

Eliminate dark circles under the eyes

Banana peels will help with this. We cut off two pieces and place them under the eyes, after a minute we remove them and see in the mirror healthy skin under the eyes and a clear, fresh look.

Removing glitter polish from nails

A manicure with glitter looks very impressive, but is very difficult to remove. Even after removing the polish, glitter remains on your nails and fingertips and is difficult to remove without effort. And sometimes it happens that the shiny coating is not removed at all. This is quite easy to deal with. Cut cotton pads into pieces the same size as your nails, soak them in nail polish remover, press them onto your nails and wrap your fingers in pieces of foil. After 5 minutes, there will be no trace left of the corrosive glitter.