, author: Ermakova M.

Lasts a long time: 5 ways to make eyeshadow last longer

Even if you don’t use a base or other “substrates” for eye shadow, your makeup has every chance of being long-lasting.

Probably, every woman would like her eye makeup to retain a fresh and impressive look until the moment it is washed off. But it often happens that even high-quality eye shadows are not very durable. The reasons may be different: from weather conditions to individual skin characteristics. But there are several ways to increase the durability of eyeshadow (besides using an eyeshadow base):

Don't use greasy cream

Before applying makeup, do not apply greasy cream to your eyelids and the area around the eyes. Replace it with serum - it has a lighter texture that will prevent further makeup from floating.


Before applying eye shadow, degrease your eyelids (especially if you have oily skin). You can use either a dry sponge or a cotton pad slightly moistened with micellar water for this purpose. This technique will remove excess oil from the skin, which will allow the shadows to last longer.


Apply a thin layer of powder over the eyeshadow to set it on your eyelids. It is better to apply the powder with a brush - this way it will lie on the shadows with a thin, weightless veil, without blocking or dulling the color. Don't ignore this life hack if you prefer cream eyeshadows - their texture is wet, and you can only set such shadows with a dry product. Powder is the best option.


Photo source: freepik.com

If the shadow base is missing, concealer will replace it. Apply thin layers of it to your eyelids, let dry and powder lightly, then apply eyeliner. The durability of this makeup will be 6-7 hours.

Correct application

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It is important to remember that, regardless of what you use to apply the shadows (with a brush, an applicator or even your finger - against the latter option, by the way, even makeup artists have nothing against it and actively use it), the movements should not be smearing, but driving in. This way the pigment penetrates deeper into the skin and stays on it longer.