, author: Ermakova M.

Unusual, but stylish: 5 non-standard materials for bags

Leather, suede, textiles... these are classics. It is eternal, but sometimes you want something daring, mischievous, original. Like these bags.

A handbag is one of those accessories without which it is unthinkable to go anywhere. On walks and parties, at work and leisure, in restaurants and cinema, a woman’s look is invariably complemented by a bag. The choice of bags today is very wide, because for their manufacture, in addition to the usual materials, they also use those that can surprise. For example:


female bag

Wicker bags are now popular not only on the beach and outside the city. Rattan bags are durable, they do not deform and do not get wet. They are also very convenient to take with you on trips, since such a handbag can be easily folded and fit into a suitcase. Most often, bags made of this material have the shape of a chest or a circle. They look cute and minimalistic, without overloading the image.



Innovation from the Ganni brand. The bag is made of fur of plant origin. It is based on nettle and flax. According to brand representatives, this is the world's first bag made entirely from natural materials. Plant fibers are processed into yarn, then the yarn is dyed. As a result, the finished handbag is difficult to distinguish from any of its other less environmentally friendly “colleagues”.

Bacterial cellulose


Another unusual handbag from Ganni, made in a single copy for the London Design Festival. It is known that the bag was made from agricultural waste that was fed to special bacteria. The latter turned waste into nanocellulose, which looks like leather. Visually, the bag is no different from a leather one, would you agree?


This is recycled polyethylene, which looks like fabric and has properties like film. It is very durable. This durable material is used mainly to make backpacks and shoppers, and a little less often - wallets and belt bags.

Air bubble film


Yes, today it is not only anti-stress, but also a fairly high-quality material for bags. Such accessories are offered by the Moscow brand "Synthetics". Their catalog includes not only bags, but also other useful little things - cosmetic bags, key chains.