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Kylie Jenner has revealed the fourth collection of her brand Khy

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan sisters unveiled the long-awaited clothing brand last year.

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Kylie Jenner continues to blaze a trail in the fashion world. Recently, the businesswoman and socialite announced the release date of the fourth collection of her clothing brand Khy. And even earlier, she announced that she will release faux leather products designed by NAMILIA from the previous series, which literally flew off the shelves of stores.

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Following the release of the teasers, fans were finally able to see the new drop items in person. On social media, Jenner personally showed them off on herself. Including a tight-fitting set of a top and skirt. Its highlight was the "graphic" cutouts at the top and around the waist, as well as velvety texture in the form of light suede.
Kylie called the fourth collection her "most eagerly awaited to date". It also included a long twist dress with a twisted element at the shoulder, as well as a mini dress with a similar flesh-colored mesh decoration.

Photo source: соцсети

Judging by the models on display, the drop is built on providing female shoppers with a comfortable transition from day to night when choosing clothes. Which guest designers were behind the development of the line remains unknown for now. Although Jenner's previous three ranges have been assisted by renowned specialists designed to breathe creativity into the new brand. In particular, French designer Haider Ackermann, with whom Kylie has been friends for years and who was behind her image at the Met Gala 2023 - a spectacular red dress with geometric cutouts, complemented by a wide blue kimono robe with trim of identical color.

Entire Studios designers were also involved in Khy's development, ensuring its success at launch. The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters has been dreaming of launching her own clothing brand for several years. But for a long time did not dare to take this step, preferring to prepare everything well. According to her mother Kris, who became co-owner of Khy, Kylie has always had her own vision of how young people should dress and always knew that she would define the style of her generation.

Photo source: соцсети

The brand's new collection will be available for purchase starting February 28th.