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Before the reunion, Ben Affleck set a condition for Jennifer Lopez

In 2021, the couple began dating again after a 20-year separation, and in 2022 they finally got married.

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When Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reunited following her split from athlete Alex Rodriguez, it looked like she was leaving one relationship for another. But fans had no idea that the new-old lovers had a serious conversation before officially announcing themselves as a couple.

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Both remembered what happened when they dated in the early 2000s - too much attention from the press - and did not want a repeat. As it turned out, after two decades, Affleck demanded more privacy if they were going to build a life together. This was revealed in a new documentary released on Amazon Prime, The Greatest Love Story Never Told. "When we got back together, I said, 'Listen, the only thing I don't want is for our relationship to be on social media,'" Ben explained to the camera. “Then, however, I realized that it was dishonest to ask for this.” It's like if you were getting ready to marry the captain of a ship and you said you didn't like the water."

Lopez has always lived under the spotlight, and she has nothing to apologize for. Like a superstar, she understands what fans need and gives them what they want by sharing glamorous photos from the sets and behind the scenes. Affleck concluded that he had no right to make impossible demands on Lopez, since such behavior was part of her brand. "We're just two people with different approaches trying to learn how to compromise," he added. In turn, Jennifer knows that Ben is more likely to keep his personal life away from prying eyes - and she accepts his desire.

“I don’t think (Ben) is very comfortable with me doing all this,” she said in the film. “But he loves me, he knows that I'm an artist, and he's going to support me in any way he can because he knows that I can't be stopped from wanting to make the music that I make... and he doesn't want to stop me. But that doesn’t mean he’s comfortable being a muse,” she added with a smile. Affleck may indeed have a hard time when it comes to social media, but the couple literally broke the Internet with the publication of photos together after their reunion.

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The documentary “The Greatest Love Story Never Told” once again confirmed what the Page Six portal wrote about back in 2021. “Jennifer was ready to settle down and have kids, but Ben wasn't ready to give up his bachelor lifestyle. Jennifer always knew that Ben was the only one who left her, the editors reported. – She was crushed after the breakup. But she understood at the time that she had no other choice but to cancel their engagement.”

Good things still happen to those who wait, as they did with Lopez and Affleck. This is despite the fact that they probably only get a fraction of the privacy they really want.