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Quick makeup: simple steps to create a beautiful look

Have you almost overslept and don't have time for makeup? Today we are going to share with you the secrets that will be just a godsend to both beginners and girls who need to get up early for work or classes.

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Today I want to share with you how to quickly finish your makeup when you're running late and time is running out.Today I want to share with you how to quickly finish your makeup when you're running late and time is running out.

Step 1: Preparation.


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We must wash our faces in the morning: brush our teeth, apply face foam, massage for a while, rinse and immediately apply a tonic. Choose the products that suit your skin type. Be sure not to forget that the morning procedure should include a wash + moisturizing + facial care. If you have time before going to work, and your eyes need freshness, you can apply patches for 15 minutes. If you don't have time, you can skip this step: we apply cream to the face and a special light cream under the eyes to care for the skin around the eyes.

Step 2: A liquid foundation with high masking power + oil resistance.


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After applying the cream, move on to the important stage of "masking". It is best to choose a liquid foundation with a high degree of concealer - a moisturizing and oily liquid foundation, which will save time. It will hold up better throughout the day. A tip: Moisten a foundation sponge with warm water. Apply it to your hand, and then pat it onto your face. A "concealer" applied this way will be less noticeable!

After the basic makeup is done, the next step is to work on the eyebrows.

Step 3: Working with the eyebrows.

Уход за бровями.

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One of the most important makeup steps to create any makeup look is the eyebrows, because if they are sloppy, all your efforts will be in vain. Even the lightest makeup will look more aesthetically pleasing and beautiful if you take care of your eyebrows.

First of all, use a brush to shape your eyebrows, combing out the hairs. After the eyebrow is shaped, apply paint. It can be a pencil that you use to make neat strokes along the hairline, it can be a shadow (to apply it to the eyebrows use a stiffer brush, and the rules of application are the same). Some girls draw neat lines along the contour of the eyebrows, but this is not necessary. After applying the paint, once again carefully comb the eyebrows along the line of their growth, giving them a nice shape.

Step 4: Eye makeup.

Макияж глаз.

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If you are already in a hurry, you can skip mascara and focus on eye shadow. A little tip: use a dark brown pencil to draw a light line down the bottom contour of the eye to the middle or just below it. You can also do it with dark eyeshadow (not black, but dark - for both brunettes and blondes is good dark brown, the color of coffee).

Blend the line well with a brush. Using the same shadows we draw the eyelid from the outer edge also about up to the middle. You can use your finger to lightly flatten it so it's not too dark. This will make your look deeper and brighter. So, even without using eyeliner, we can kind of lengthen the tips of the eyes.

Then we take a light fondant pencil and from the inner corner of the eye and spend it to the middle of the eyelid. Also lightly shaded with the finger. Applying a light tone on the inner corner of the eye gives eyes openness and brightness.

Now from the inner corner of the eye along the bottom outline we draw a light line with the same pencil-pomade literally on the third part (not reaching the middle) - "spread" the look.

If you have enough time for mascara, use it to perfect your eye makeup. The choice of mascara is really great: waterproof, black, color - for every taste!

Step 5: Accents.


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Let's draw a thin line along the nose in the middle with a highlighter, not reaching the tip. Then along the sides of the nose thin lines of dark color (you can take a dark brown tone), the same color mark the tip of the nose. Then shaded fingers first light colors, and then darker, moving to the middle. Thus you make the nose more elegant and subtle. Apply the highlighter also in the area around the outer corner of the eyes, under the highest part of the eyebrows, above the middle of the upper lip. Lightly flatten it with your fingers.

Контуринг носа.

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Apply a light blush to the cheekbones. You can accentuate your lips with a light moisturizing lipstick, over which you can apply lip gloss to plump up your lips. Lips and lipstick tip: To keep your lips well-groomed, without chapped or cracked lips, always use balm before going out, even if you do not use lipstick.

To remove shine from the face, you can go over the face lightly with powder.