, author: Plackhin A.

Passion for shopping: how to deal with it?

Why shopaholics are mostly found among women and how to determine whether you are a shopaholic? Elena Pozharskaya, Head of the Department of Psychology at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, tells us.

Positive emotions from shopping, according to psychologists, are partly similar to the trance state. That's why many women often make impulsive, thoughtless purchases, and the things they buy turn out to be unnecessary. How to protect yourself from disappointment by another purchase, and your purse - from unnecessary spending?

We live in a period of abundance - the stores offer a variety of products for every taste and budget, so it is difficult to resist the temptation to buy something. In addition, things reinforce our status in society and/or just lift our spirits. This is why so many people see signs of shopaholism.

Types of shopaholics

Lovers of wandering along colorful shop windows are divided into four types:

Emotional. A person goes into a store for one thing, and comes out with a full set of things that seem to fit the purchased item. All purchases of such an amateur are impulsive, in accordance with the momentary desire. Shopping therapy for an emotional type of shopaholic almost always improves the mood.

Fanatical. For this type it is important the brand, status and relevance of the thing. The shopaholic fanatic knows all the trends of fashion, and if his closet doesn't have something that is relevant this season, he ceases to feel his uniqueness.

Calculating. Chases quantity, not quality. A panic for all kinds of action "two for the price of one" and discounts.

Indifferent. The person without a goal can wander for hours shopping. In this case it is not the fact of purchase that matters, but the process.


The main sign of shopaholism, according to Elena Pozharskaya, is dissatisfaction with things bought. The new items lie idle in the closet or are given to friends, but their owner does not wear them. Things are bought only to quench the thirst for shopping.

Women often use shopping as a way to get rid of negative emotions. A person gets pleasure out of shopping, which is why they try to smooth out the negative effects of stress. Such an effect is based on the positive feeling a person once experienced by purchasing some thing. Buying something, a shopaholic wants to experience this feeling again - it is more important to him than an update.

So you're a shopaholic if

-You go to the store without a clear desire to find something in particular.

- You always look at most of the items for sale.

- You are addicted to fashion magazines and want to buy a product for no objective reason. - You are constantly discussing the product you bought.

- You experience apathy without regularly visiting retail establishments.

What to do?

Rule number one - you need to accept and admit the problem in order to get rid of it. Rule number two - go to the store only with a list and shop strictly according to it. Pay either in cash or by card with a small amount of money. Big amount = big expenses. If you want to buy something, ask yourself the purpose of the purchase. If there is a clear goal - buy it, if not, it's better to come to the store another time.

And most importantly - remember that shopping is not the only joy in life. If you want to cheer yourself up - go to the movies or the theater, take a walk in a beautiful park, eat a delicious dessert. Life is very multifaceted, and there are many ways to feel happy in it.