, author: Plackhin A.

Second life: what to do with gift bags after the holidays

5 eco-friendly ways to extend the life of beautiful bags:

After the holidays, you are left not only with pleasant memories and photos, but also with gift bags in large quantities. What to do with them, how to use them to your advantage? The most popular option is to wrap gifts for other people in them and give them away. It's both economical and will save you from piles of gift wrapping. But there are times when you can't give the package to someone else because it is deformed or chafed. What to do in such a case? There are options:


An unwanted gift bag can become a storage space for small toys, craft supplies or even underwear. Put the little things you need in such a bag, which, in their scattered form, usually take up much more space.


If the bags you have are not made of film (i.e. they are made of paper only), you can recycle them. Before you do this, however, you should remove any decorative elements from the bag - ribbons, string, and other hardware.

Wish card/decoration

Gift bags often have some beautiful pictures, funny inscriptions or spectacular elements (beads, flowers, glitter, etc.) Carefully removing the decor from the bag, you can make it a cute decoration for the house. And by cutting out images painted on such a bag, you can use them for a wish card (for example, a heart can symbolize love, and a cute kitten - the appearance of a pet).


If the bag has lost its original look and you are not sorry to get rid of it, then just put household waste, unnecessary papers and throw it away.


Paper bag

Since gift bags are very colorful and beautiful, you can use them as material for various children's crafts. The bags can be used instead of colored paper, and their individual elements (ribbons, glitter, etc.) can find a second life in appliqué.