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, author: Ermakova M.

James Cameron: 'Last Avatar movies will be the best'

In a new interview, the 68-year-old director revealed the details of the continuation of the franchise.

Avatar 3 will lead the franchise in a new - and dark! - the direction, says its author, director James Cameron. The next part will showcase "different cultures from what I have already shown," he told the French portal 20 Minutes. “The fire will come from the Ash People. I want to show the Na'vi from a different angle, because so far I've only shown their good side." According to the director, in the third part he is going to change the nature of the story. “In the early films, there are examples of negative people and examples of very positive Na’vi. In Avatar 3, we'll do the opposite."

The release of the next part of the franchise is scheduled for December 20, 2024. “We will explore new worlds while continuing the story of the main characters,” Cameron explained. “I can say that the last parts will be the best. Before that, there were "flowers", a kind of table setting before serving dishes with food.

Meanwhile, the second film, Avatar: The Way of Water, continues to fill the box office. It grossed over $1 billion in two weeks of release.