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Published the trailer of the tenth "Fast and the Furious"

The video of the last part of the famous franchise turned out to be spectacular. What can viewers expect when the film hits the screens in May?

We are waiting for the end of the path, and most importantly, the end of the era. The Fast & Furious franchise has become the largest franchise in Hollywood since the release of the first movie in 2001. Despite the fact that its development has moved away from street racing over the course of recent films, the key factor that makes this series so recognizable and appealing to audiences is the recurring theme of family. With the release of the Fast and the Furious 10 trailer, it's clear that the creators of the Fast and the Bold saga will try to end it on a high note.

Loyal fans have known for some time (about a decade) that The Fast and the Furious will feature a dozen movies, so the announcement of the next movie wasn't a surprise. Even with that in mind, Fast & Furious 10 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated films of 2023, and the hype has only grown with the release of the official trailer. So, with the saga approaching a fitting end, what can fans expect from the franchise's latest round? In this review, what became known from the published video.


As already mentioned, the early Fast and Furious films were indeed built around various aspects of street racing, with a parallel integration of the theme of the family. Unfortunately, the last few films in the saga have veered away from street racing and into the spy action thriller genre entirely. And it is unlikely that now anyone will dare to criticize the franchise for the fact that it has become a source of earning a lot of money and an attempt to cash in on an audience that sympathized with the first films, but did not support the latter. It is important that the creators of the recent films of "Fast and the Furious" (at least the last one) tried their best to refresh the story and characters.

But now, with the tenth film on the way, one thing is clear - Dom and his team are returning to the original, loved by the audience, the idea of a family. The opening of the video shows Dom and his friends trying to lead the lives of ordinary people, with special attention paid to the protagonist's tender relationship with his son Brian. The development of the action shows that the negative hero of the film will be the son of Hernan Reis - the criminal boss from the fifth "Fast and the Furious". At the end of the movie, he is killed by Dom (technically Hobbs). Returning to the general theme of the family, the son of Reis is out for blood and for 12 years has been waging a vendetta against the House for taking away from him the life that he was never destined to live. Driven by vengeance, Reis vows to end Dom's crew and family. And, judging by the trailer, it succeeds.


In addition to the plot revealed in the trailer, fans saw those who starred in the tenth "Fast and the Furious". Of course, most of its regulars will return for the final round, including Vin Diesel as Dom, Jordana Brewster as Mia, Michelle Rodriguez as Letty, Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pierce, Ludacris as Tej, Song Gan as Khan, and Nathalie Emmanuel as Ramsey. But the stardom doesn't end there.

Returning actors seen in the trailer include Charlize Theron as Cypher, Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw, Helen Mirren as Queenie, and John Cena as Jacob Torreto. However, not all the stars from the previous parts of the franchise will return to the film. For example, Dwayne Johnson declined to star in her finale as Hobbs, and there is no hint of Kurt Russell returning as Mr. Nobody.

At the same time, several new big names were added to the film. So, the main antagonist, the son of Hernan Reis, was played by Jason Momoa, and Brie Larson will appear on the screen in a role associated with Mr. Nobody. Another notable figure that flashed through the trailer was Alan Ritchson, best known for Amazon's Jack Reacher series. Nothing is known about what character he plays, but judging by the fact that he appears in the trailer with a weapon in his hands, it can be assumed that he is related to the same Mr. Nobody or Brie Larson's heroine.

All the rest

Aside from the storyline and recognizable faces, the trailer surprisingly doesn't reveal much detail (despite being nearly 4 minutes long). A lot of footage indicates that the shooting took place in Italy (mainly in Rome). Also shown is the old house where the gang returns from the very first movie. What is known for sure is the premiere date of the film - May 19, 2023, and the fact that the tenth film will most likely be the last in this film series. Although there is no direct indication in the trailer, it can be understood from the hints made that the Toretto family is going to "close the case." Some of the fans will probably be upset (while others will argue that the franchise should have ended much earlier), but viewers should remember that the Fast and the Furious branched into spin-offs (thanks to the 2019 film Fast and the Furious: Hobbs and Shaw ”), so even if the tenth film turns out to be the last in the saga, it can be used as a starting point, allowing the series to explore further branches. Regardless of where it goes next, it's safe to say that the 10th movie deserves some scrutiny and will hopefully be a satisfying conclusion to one of Hollywood's greatest franchises.