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, author: Ermakova M.

Ben Affleck sports drama 'Air' poster released

It depicts the performers of the main roles. Including the director, who will appear on the screen as a minor character.

Amazon Studios has released a new poster for the movie Air. Directed this sports drama about Nike's historic advertising deal with NBA star Michael Jordan Ben Affleck. This will be his first "director's" film since 2016, when the action movie "Law of the Night" was released. Ben also played one of the supporting roles in "Air" - Nike co-founder Phil Knight.

Affleck's longtime creative partner and friend Matt Damon played the title role. He will appear onscreen as Nike manager Sonia Vaccarro, who is looking for ways to increase the brand's sales and visibility, which eventually leads him to the idea of attracting famous athletes to advertise the company's products.

Air will hit the screens on April 5th, and will appear on digital platforms a little later.