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, author: Ermakova M.

New trailer for "The Challenge"

Also on the Web appeared an updated poster for the picture.

The new trailer for the drama "Challenge" by Klim Shipenko is already available for viewing on the Internet. This is the first hood. a film shot aboard the ISS with the participation of the State Corporation Roscosmos and Glavkosmos.

In the center of the plot is the surgeon Zhenya (Yulia Peresild), who will have to prepare in just a month for a flight into space to operate on an astronaut. The profession of a surgeon under normal conditions is one of the most difficult and most risky, and even in conditions of weightlessness it becomes especially responsible. Will Zhenya overcome his fears and will the cosmonaut return to Earth alive? We will find out on April 20, when the film will hit the big screens.

Other roles were performed by M. Bikovich, I. Gordin, E. Valyushkina and others.