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, author: Ermakova M.

Adam Sandler Receives Honorary Mark Twain Prize

It is awarded annually to the best American comedian.

Adam Sandler, receiving a bronze bust of Mark Twain as an honorary award, joked that "one day he may become a weapon with which they will beat me in my sleep." I watched the ceremony of awarding the star of "Rough Diamonds" the day before at the Washington Center. Kennedy is the color of the American artistic elite. Sandler was recognized as the best comedian in the country who had an impact on society, as his writer Mark Twain had in his time.

Drew Barrymore, Conan O'Brien, Chris Rock, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Buscemi and Luis Guzman took to the stage that evening. They shared with the audience reflections on Sandler's creative longevity, along the way joking about the unevenness of his career and the desire to take all his friends into each new film. Sandler, for his part, paid tribute to his parents and family, who armed him with "a strange irrational confidence that I think I still have," the comedian noted.

Among the winners of the Mark Twain Prize in different years were Whoopi Goldberg, Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, Bill Murray, Tina Fey and others.