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, author: Ermakova M.

Zach Braff talks about filming with Florence Pugh

The 47-year-old actor/director presented the drama "A Good Man", in which he directed an ex-lover and a super talented actress.

Zach Braff told reporters why he decided to cast Florence Pugh in his new film The Good Man. “I'm just in awe of her talent and I said, 'I want to write this for Florence. What I write will be difficult, but she's incredible," he told Entertainment Tonight.

Braff and Pugh lived together for three years and broke up in early 2022. However, they did it in a friendly way, leaving themselves the opportunity to work together. “She is an actress of the next level. I think she's just amazing, and what I wrote was really a challenge," said Zach. “It was not a project for the average actor - I couldn't even write a role for myself. I wanted to write something for her, and this dinner scene at the table came into my mind, in which I imagined Florence Pugh sitting in front of the legend that everyone is talking about.

In the end, the "legend" in the film was Morgan Freeman, who usually does not star in independent projects. But he liked Braff's idea. In the film, he played the wise Daniel, who helps the main character Allison (Pugh) cope with the tragedy and feel the taste of life again. The Good Man was released on March 12th.