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World actors who are stuck in the same image

Let's analyze world actors stuck in the same stage persona for many years.

Every aspiring actor is sure that he can become a cult figure and will start blowing through roles like wind, each time settling into a new image that the average viewer will enjoy. But surprisingly, some actors, due to the image they got early in their career, get stuck in it, with no chance to reincarnate in the foreseeable future.

Daniel Radcliffe

The first success of the young actor brought the cult franchise "Harry Potter". Thanks to this, millions of viewers remembered the young actor in the image of the wizard who performed miracles. More than 10 years have passed since the last part, but the British actor to this day remains hostage to one role. During this time, Daniel Radcliffe has gone through various images, playing the role of bandits, criminals or lunatics, but never beaten from the image of the wizard with a magic wand.

Hugh Jackman

It is noteworthy that the talented actor has plenty of interesting and memorable roles in the history of cinema, but the majority of the audience at the mention of the last name immediately recalls the image of Wolverine. This is not surprising, because it was the X-Men franchise that brought the actor the biggest box office success, even poaching some of the fan base from Marvel. By continuing to star in interesting projects, the actor is apparently doomed to a constant association with the immortal man who kills with his claws.

Jim Parsons

Season 11 of "The Big Bang Theory" was the last season, due to which the series officially ceased to exist. It is not yet known how the success of the picture will reflect in the lives of the main characters. But we can say that the public for sure will remember that the role of Sheldon, played by Jim Parsons. Unlike the previous positions of the list, the actor does not have many memorable roles, so it is more likely that everyone will remember the image of the physicist from the series. In addition, it was Sheldon Cooper who became the main favorite of the series, as he alone got a solo project, though already with another actor in the lead role.

Johnny Depp

Gradually recovering from the trials, many fans are wondering about the possible return of the legendary Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp. Though the actor has officially said that he will never return to the role again, few are ready to believe in such a turn of events. Remarkably, Depp has a lot of memorable roles in movies: "Fantastic Beasts", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" or "Sweeney Todd". However, viewers still remember Johnny Depp exclusively for the role of Jack Sparrow. The reason for this is not so much the popularity of the actor, as the success of the franchise itself, which in the near future could roll without the main character.

Emma Watson

Paired with Radcliffe, another hostage to the success of the "Harry Potter" franchise is Emma Watson. The British actress continues to star in various projects, but has never "changed" Hermione's memorable status. It is noteworthy, but a couple of years ago Emma gave up one iconic role in the film "La La Land", which may well have changed the image for many years. But given that the actress doesn't spend much time shooting movies, audiences will remember the image of Hermione Granger for years to come.

Jennifer Coolidge

Unlike her previous characters, the little-known actress is remembered for her nickname "Stifler's Mama." The "American Pie" franchise gave fame to the actress, but at the same time rewarded the image of a swaggering mommy, who constantly preys on young boys as satisfaction for carnal pleasures. Notably, the actress later regretted her participation, because after the success of the franchise, movie studios continue to offer the same type of roles, due to which the image of "Stifler's mom" haunts the aged actress to this day.

Macaulay Culkin

The most popular kid of the mid-'90s. The first two parts of the "Home Alone" franchise made the little boy a movie star for years to come. Crazy royalties combined with new projects are the expected future of the young actor. However, due to the divorce of his parents, the boy stopped appearing on big screens, and later the media became full of headlines about the addictions of the long-forgotten actor. But even after normalizing the way of life and creating a family, the image of "tomboy" still haunts the actor, and "drug" past makes it difficult to find roles in famous films.

Rowan Atkinson

Surprisingly, few viewers are able to name the actor, recalling only the iconic image of "Mr. Bean. Any project involving Rowan Atkinson is overshadowed by memories of the adventures of the funny man. It is noteworthy that the actor himself does not regret the appearance of the image, because it helped him to earn a lot of money, thanks to which you can put his family on its feet and even forget about filming until the end of life. But the actor is faithful to his career and actively continues to star in new projects, pleasing the fan base.

Hugh Laurie

He is a famous English actor, known for his only role as a doctor in the TV series "Dr. House". Again, the main reason for the image was the success of the series and at the same time the outstanding performance of the main character. A secondary reason for the fixation of the image is the lack of iconic roles in the English actor. Obviously, few people will remember the TV series "The Night Manager" or the film "Mr. Pip", capable of forgetting the image of an extraordinary doctor from the clinic.

The history of cinema is full of actors who are remembered for one stage image. For the most part, it depended on the importance of the film itself to the world box office. A secondary reason is the lack of other memorable roles. For example, take the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has dozens of memorable roles under his belt: "Predator", "Terminator" or "Red Heat". But few would say that the American actor has become hostage to the image of a robot with artificial intelligence. Especially noteworthy is the image of "Conan the Barbarian", which was remembered by many viewers in his time. However, today this image has been successfully forgotten largely due to his participation in other iconic images.