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, author: Ermakova M.

How the actress who played the bride of Harry Potter has changed

Now the movie star is 32 years old. But in her, the features of the young heroine of the Potter series are still guessed.

The process of turning Ginny Weasley from a child into a beautiful girl, popular with the opposite sex, was watched with bated breath by all the fans of the Harry Potter saga. She was destined to become the wife of the protagonist and raise children with him - to live, in general, an ordinary, not at all magical life.

And how was the life of Bonnie Wright herself, who embodied on the screen the image of the lively beauty Ginny?

She has been drawn to art since childhood. She loved to sing, dance, play music. After graduation, she entered college, where she studied the basics of cinematography. Despite the fact that it was "Harry Potter" that glorified her, Bonnie was noted in other films - "Shakespeare's Daughter", "Island of Hope".

About the similarity of the girl with the heroine of the books by JK Rowling Ginny Weasley, the young actress was told by her brother Lewis. The guy looked into the water - a few years later, Wright was approved for this particular role. In the film "HP and the Philosopher's Stone" Weasley appears only in the episode, but becomes a constant "protagonist" in subsequent parts of the franchise. As an adult, Ginny gives birth to Harry Potter three heirs - two sons and a daughter. They are also raising a fourth - non-native - child together.

Wright realized herself not only in the acting profession. She also played in the theater and was engaged in directing. The celebrity continues to make films to this day.

Bonnie boasts of success "on the personal front" as well. She got married in March 2022. No, not Daniel Radcliffe. It is known that her wife's name is Andrew. The wedding celebration was modest - it was attended only by relatives and friends of the couple.

"The Bride of Harry Potter" is also extremely modest and, apparently, avoids undue attention in relation to her person - she shared her wedding shots with the public a whole year after the marriage.