Filming of the second "Joker" is over in New York. - Inc News
, author: Plackhin A.

Filming of the second "Joker" is over in New York.

Director Todd Phillips shared a close-up photo of Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn.

A shot of Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn from the upcoming movie "Joker: Madness for Two" has hit the web. Director Todd Phillips, who posted the image, said on Twitter that filming is complete and it's time for him to lay low and transform hours of footage into a movie.

In the photo provided, Lady Gaga's hair and makeup as Harley Quinn recalls a scene she starred in earlier this week... when she sang and danced on the same stairs in New York's Bronx where Joaquin Phoenix danced for the first Joker movie (2019).

Social media users have already noted that Lady Gaga's Harley Quinn is darker and more sinister than the same character portrayed by Margot Robbie in two films, "Suicide Squad" (2016), "Birds of Prey: The Amazing Story of Harley Quinn" (2020) and "Suicide Squad: Mission Able" (2021).

Joker: Madness for Two will be released in theaters on October 2, 2024.