, author: Plackhin A.

Mila Jovovich's 15-year-old daughter unveils 'Peter Pan and Wendy' in NY

The young actress played one of the leading roles in it.

The eldest daughter of actress Mila Jovovich and director Paul Anderson, 15-year-old Ever Anderson walked the red carpet at the premiere of the fantasy film Peter Pan and Wendy. She will appear on screen in one of the lead roles - Wendy Darling. The young actress appeared for the photographers in a cute short dress, with a puffy skirt, light turquoise colour and black platform sandals.

Social media users noted Ever's strong resemblance to her mother. Jovovich began her career as a model and actress at a similarly young age. Now she rarely appears in films, having been busy raising her three daughters.

Peter Pan and Wendy starts in cinemas on 28th April.