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Jonathan Rhys Meyers - best movies, memorable characters and complex images

Jonathan Rhys Meyers - his best films and the images he has created.

European actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a versatile performer who has managed to embody a wide variety of characters on the screen. His best roles are dramatic incarnations of this amazing actor. Started his acting career back in 1996 with the film "The Disappearance of Finbar." British and American directors fully appreciated the acting talent amazing actor and in his next film "Match Point", Rhys Meyers played a young and sensible guy Chris, who is a professional tennis coach at a premium private club.

Here, during his next scheduled training session, the young man decided to meet a girl from a fairly wealthy family. Her father took him to a good, high-paying job. Now Chris has got a house, a fancy car, and also does polo on the weekends, things are going really well for him. But here Chris meets a very beautiful girl, he just falls hard in love with her.

A strong feeling arises between these very different people, and he simply cannot exert control over this relationship. He faces a serious choice - whether he should leave his beloved wife and subsequently lose everything he has accumulated, or still try to overcome his rarely unbridled fatal attraction to the gorgeous and lovely beauty Nola. However, Chris had to face a serious problem and make the most important choice of his life.

In his acting career, Joe has played a variety of roles. He was especially successful fatal beauties, people who had negative habits, as well as adapted to the reality after the difficult problems of life.

Joe played strong sharply-characteristic role in the film "Lovers" together with the incomparable Natalia Vodianova, who debuted in cinema for this role. In this picture a big official falls in love with the beautiful wife of one of his employees, and takes her away from her husband.

This novel develops against the backdrop of historical events in Europe in the 1930s.

In total, the talented Irishman has played in 22 films, but his most important role can safely be considered the role of the young Henry the Eighth, who is torn between love for two women, as well as the desire to have a long-awaited heir to the English throne. The magnificent costume drama managed to fully demonstrate all the actor's talents.

Чаще всего, Джо играет в самых противоречивых и сложных ролях. Особенно интересные работы 45-летнего актера — это:

  • Vikings;
  • From Paris with Love;
  • Shelter;
  • August Rush;
  • Mission Impossible 3.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers - a real phenomenon in the acting world, and since now he is quite young, he will be able to please us with his new cinematic works in various roles!