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Harry Potter star Bonnie Raitt is expecting her first child

The actress played Ginny Weasley in the Warner Bros. film franchise.

Bonnie Raitt is preparing to become a mother. The actress, who has played Ginny Weasley in all eight Harry Potter films, is expecting her first child in her marriage to Andrew Lococo. The couple made the announcement on social media.

"We're expecting a baby boy! I look forward to start sharing this beautiful land with him," the 32-year-old actress shared the photo, in which she poses with her husband against an idyllic mountain backdrop. In the photo, Andrew is gently hugging Bonnie's rounded belly. The couple were married in an outdoor ceremony in San Juan Capistrano, California in March 2022.

Speaking to People in 2021, Wright said she wasn't looking forward to a sequel to the Harry Potter film franchise. "I hope they keep it (the film series) as it is," the actress admitted. "I think it's like a time capsule, if you open it up everything changes and everything feels different already... Of course I miss working on the role of Ginny, but I always liked the idea that it was compact enough for those seven years at Hogwarts."