, author: Ermakova M.

The best Turkish TV series: watch with your loved one

Turkish TV series have long earned the love of the audience: they are reviewed, immersed in exciting stories. Let's talk about the best tapes to watch with your loved one.

An evening with a loved one will be especially memorable, but at the same time warm and cozy if you spend it watching a Turkish series. These serial tapes become famous all over the world and continue to win the hearts of the audience. They captivate with the beauty of filming, the play of actors. Plots invariably plunge into romance, surprise with unexpected plot twists. Let's talk about eight famous Turkish TV series.

"Tale on the Island" (2021)

The series impresses with the beauty of filming, bewitching landscapes - everything here is permeated with notes of romance in the best traditions of Turkish films. The main character was played by Aycha Aishin Turan, who has an outstanding appearance and a chiseled figure of a model. Alp Navruz is also not inferior to her in his male attractiveness.

The action takes place on a picturesque island. Here, business interests suddenly intersect with romantic relationships, and a clear-cut scam in the name of business success suddenly turns into a boomerang. The plot, which began on the basis of interest in the property, leads to a thin and intricate love line. The multi-part film combines melodrama, notes of comedy, and charms with romance.

"Knock on My Door" (2020)

In the famous Turkish series, the creators skillfully combined the genre of drama and romantic comedy. Here you really have to laugh to tears, and at times even cry. The tape has already managed to become legendary, having won the impressive attention of the audience and huge ratings in different countries. The film became a landmark for the actors who played the main roles: these are Hande Erçel and Kerem Bursin.

Refined beauty Eda lives with a broken heart after the loss of her parents, but finds her calling. She is inspired by her studies, she dreams of an internship… She will meet with a talented architect. An unfortunate mistake with a lost scholarship, a bright conflict with a new acquaintance Serkan launch a completely new round in her life. Now the fates of the heroes are intertwined, and they will have to go through a lot together.

"Unfaithful" (2020)

The drama of relationships, tied to treason, changes its scale. A tense psychological thriller unfolds before the audience. The canvas of unexpected events is closely intertwined with deep feelings. They overwhelm the heroine, are easily transmitted to the audience.

Critics in the reviews wondered: what is the phenomenon of a serial tape? Several dozen episodes tell about relationships and betrayal, but at the same time they keep you in suspense. Probably, the deep acting work of the refined Cansu Dere, the skill of cameramen and directors did not give the series a chance for the indifference of the audience. And he was doomed to popularity. The story of a turning point in the life of a successful therapist, a loving wife and mother, did not leave anyone indifferent, and the plot moves riveted attention until the very last episode.

"Three Kurushas" (2021)

The crime drama has already managed to gain incredible popularity: the series is watched in different countries, it receives positive feedback from critics. The main roles were played by Uraz Kaigilaroglu and Ekin Koch, who had previously become famous in the film about the Ottoman Empire.

The film is set in a gypsy quarter. There are events that really chill the blood in the veins. And the evil genius seems to be laughing at everyone, leaving his own mark - three kurush.

In an effort to defeat the chilling horror that has already reigned in the quarter and engulfed people, completely opposite personalities unite. Viewers will observe the relationship of a courageous policeman, a cruel crime boss and a cynical businessman. And they have one goal: to put an end to what is happening.

"Cruel Istanbul" (2019)

The famous tape is a vivid example of a psychological drama. Here the intricate plot leads to contrasts of hatred and love. And everything is mixed up on personal misfortunes, on the dramas of family relationships and family ties. At times, viewers find themselves on the dark side of a crime detective, but then suddenly plunge into the most tender romantic line. And love there knows no restrictions and prohibitions.

The leading roles were played by the talented and thoughtful Fikret Kuskan and Deniz Ugur, and it was this tape that became a real calling card for them. The story of a wealthy family, wheelchair-bound Nedim, his imperious uncle captivated the audience. Human feelings are revealed deeply, multifaceted, and over time, you can even feel like a participant in events - everything is embodied so vividly here.

"Black Love" (2015)

The romantic story of the most tender and deep relationships develops in the hard genre of action drama. The audience goes through all the plot twists, ups and downs with the characters, empathizing with them. The legendary Burak Ozcivit and the incredibly beautiful Neslihan Atagul Dogulu played their vivid memorable roles. A courageous hero with a strong-willed face, a charming heroine with a chiseled figure and the plasticity of a panther - this ensemble alone was able to win the hearts of the audience.

The story is multifaceted, the plot here is well thought out and captivates with its transformations. And it is based on an eternal theme that has become a classic: modern Romeo and Juliet are separated by a social abyss, and everyone around perceives their relationship with hostility. The heroes have to endure many trials, but remain faithful to their feelings.

"Foundation: Osman" (2019)

Here it is, an epoch-making tape that has become a landmark for the famous Turkish actor. Burak Ozcivit is one of the most popular, beloved artists of our time. And his media coverage covered many countries, a deep game and a bright courageous appearance fascinated the audience. The film, inspired by historical events, tells about the very beginning of the formation of the Ottoman Empire. The circumstances, the plot, the scale of what is happening - all this is impressive and awakens the imagination.

Critics and fans even call the tape the "Turkish Game of Thrones." The creators decided to embody that old time, to draw the image of a unique person. Fearless and daring, gifted with incredible strength and extraordinary thinking. It was such a warrior who could conquer so many new lands, lay the foundation for a strong state.

"Number 309" (2016)

Turkish drama is filled with romance and humor, moving gracefully from comedy to psychological depth. Events are developing non-trivially, and the intensity of passions is gradually increasing. And now the viewer, who at first felt only a taste of irony, is already beginning to empathize with the characters. And they quickly become so close and understandable, provoke disputes while watching the tape.

The plot is tied to the delicate topic of inheritance, which is played up quite witty. After all, the heir of the rich man is destined to become precisely that grandson who, before anyone else, will have time to marry and continue the family. The mothers of would-be millionaires join the fight: they decide that only blind dates will be the only salvation in such a situation. With an obvious goal in the form of a lightning wedding, because you can’t hesitate. And this is where the bright narrative is just beginning, because the audience has to see a lot more fascinating, sweet and romantic.