, author: Ermakova M.

Liam Neeson to star in Ice Drive sequel

The rights to shoot the film were acquired in Cannes by the Amazon Prime Video streaming service.

On the Cannes Film Festival marketplace, Amazon Prime Video has acquired international rights to release the sequel to the thriller Ice Drive (2021). Liam Neeson played the lead role. In the new film, he will play the role of Mike McCann.

According to the story, this desperate trucker in the company of his brother and friend sets out to save the workers of a collapsed diamond mine. It is possible to drive on the April ice of the lake in large cars only at a certain speed. But on the road, as it usually happens, unforeseen circumstances arise ...

The action of the sequel will unfold in Nepal, where there is no shortage of snow-covered mountain trails and icy surfaces. This time, McCann will arrive there in order to fulfill the last will of the deceased brother - to scatter his ashes on Everest. Filming is scheduled for early 2024.