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Boiling passions in the "Fair Game" trailer with Dynevor and Ehrenreich

Chloe Domon's detective thriller answers the question of whether it's possible to love in a world of big money.

What started out as a hot office romance quickly turns into a crazy rivalry. "Fair Game" is a new movie about the ever-changing world of sex, money and competing career decisions.

Poster of "Fair Play" (2023)

Photo source: Netflix

Chloe Domon's directorial debut tells the story of a young couple whose romance arises in the workplace at a major hedge fund. However, the announced engagement and the simultaneous promotion of one of the lovers bring their own adjustments to the development of this relationship, illustrating not always adequate perception of their own importance in the field of high stakes.

Phoebe Dynevor ("The Bridgertons") and Alden Ehrenreich ("Brave New World") played the lead roles. On wide screens and streaming service Netflix "Fair Game" will be released on October 16.