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, author: Ermakova M.

Heroine of October: Kate Winslet on the cover of Vogue

The 47-year-old actress spoke about her new work in the war drama “Lee.”

Photo source: vogue.com

Four months after winning a BAFTA for I Am Ruth, Kate Winslet has taken on a powerful new role as American photographer and journalist Elizabeth "Lee" Miller. The war drama of the same name was directed by Ellen Kuras. In addition to her acting work, Winslet acted as a producer of the project, which she spoke about in an interview with Vogue, becoming the heroine of its October issue.

Photo source: vogue.com

During her long career, the actress became famous for such roles as Rose in Titanic (1997), Hannah Schmitz in The Reader (2008), for which she received an Oscar, and Mair Sheehan in Mair of Easttown, for which she received an Emmy. ”, etc. According to Winslet, she had to fight to start filming “Lee”; she calls the whole process “an incredible struggle.” And especially she had to defend her and Kuras’s vision of the heroine, as a person who documented in the middle of the 20th century. the life of post-war Europe, and not the vicissitudes of one’s life or the appearances of celebrities. Kate also shared the condescending comments she received from male businessmen when she was trying to raise money for the film.

“Even the director told me: “Listen, you’re starring in my film, but you’ll get very little for “Lee...”.” A little!,” the actress recalls with irony. “We've had potential male investors say, 'Tell me why I should like this woman?'

Photo source: vogue.com

Comments like these might have affected Winslet when she was younger, but she says her experiences since then have taught her to be strong. And she greatly admires the young actresses who are now participating in the #MeToo movement (revealing gender discrimination). "Young actresses today... they're fearless," Kate says. “The culture has changed so much in ways I never could have imagined in my wildest dreams when I was 20.” Years of acting experience also prepared her to play the role of Miller.

“Leigh was a woman who lived by her own rules,” says the actress. “I wanted to tell the story of a flawed middle-aged woman who went to war to document it.” The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival on September 9th.