, author: Plackhin A.

Emma Stone will star in the black comedy "Eddington"

It will be directed by Ari Aster, known for his work on the thriller Solstice (2019).

Photo source: Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

Emma Stone will star in Ari Aster's new movie called "Eddington". Not as many details about the new project are known, but it is reported that events will unfold during a pandemic. The movie is described as an "ensemble piece."

The plot will be based around Lindsay and Mark - a married couple, holding the road from New Mexico to Los Angeles. Running out of gas in the tank forces the heroes to go out in the small town of Eddington to ask for help from the locals. At first, during the day, they are welcomed cordially, but as soon as night falls on the street, what happens turns into a nightmare.

Stone's possible film partners include Pedro Pascal and Joaquin Phoenix, who recently starred in Aster's comedy drama Beau Is Afraid (2023).