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"The script for the Dune II is almost complete": said Denis Villeneuve

Dune 2 is scheduled to premiere next March.

Photo source: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

The movie Dune: Part Two is "much better" than its 2021 predecessor. This was announced at a press conference in South Korea by franchise director Denis Villeneuve. The sequel's plot follows Paul Atreides (Timothee Chalamet) as he leads the Fremen tribe in a battle against the Harkonnen Empire.

"There's more life in it (Dune: Part Two) for me. There are the relationships of the characters. I tried to bring an intensity and quality of emotion that is missing in the first part, and it's there in the second part. I'm not saying the movie is perfect, but I'm happier with the second part than I was with the first. I can't wait to share it with fans and moviegoers." Villeneuve also admitted that he dreams of making a third "Dune" movie.

Its plot will be based on Frank Herbert's novel "Messiah of Dune". According to the director, the script is "almost finished, but not quite. It still needs a little more time... There's a dream of making a third movie... it would make a huge difference for me. "Denis also noted that the first and second films were made one after the other, "there is no break between them." Villeneuve clarified that he would like to take some time off between shooting the second and third films. "I don't know exactly when I will return to Arrakis. I might make a detour before I get out of the sun. For my mental health, I might do something in between, but my dream is to go one last time to this planet I love."

The movie "Dune: Part Two" will be released on March 1, 2024.