, author: Ermakova M.

Netflix will make another series about the Addams Family

The reason is the enormous success of Tim Burton's Wednesday project.

Photo source: Netflix

One of the members of the Addams family and a favorite of the public may soon have his share of adventures. Netflix is developing a series based on Wednesday, the hit late last year starring Jenna Ortega. And this hero will be... Uncle Fester, played in the series by comedian Fred Armisen.

The streaming service plans to actively capitalize on the success of Wednesday as much as possible, as has already happened, for example, with another equally popular teen series, Stranger Things.

Uncle Fester made a brief but significant appearance at Wednesday to the delight of fans. There's a lot to explore behind the scenes with this playful, weird and adventurous character. He's essentially a criminal mastermind who can shoot lightning from his fingers and of course never travels incognito. Oh, and he's also on the run because of an armed robbery charge.