, author: Ermakova M.

Mean Girls Trailer: Lots of Music and Rivalry

The new film adaptation of the story of the new girl at school will hit theaters in January.

The trailer for the musical film “Mean Girls” has been released. It tells the story that everyone knows and loves, but this time the audience is in for an unexpected twist. The new film is an adaptation of the musical, which had great success on Broadway in 2018. It, in turn, was created on the basis of the 2004 film of the same name. The new “Mean Girls” was directed by Samantha Jane and Arturo Perez Jr. Like 20 years ago, the script was written by Tina Fey. She also played one of the roles in the new adaptation. The songs used are original songs written by Jeff Richmonds and Nell Benjamin.

Photo source: Paramount Pictures

The story follows Cady Hearon (Angaurie Rice) as her father's job forces her to change schools and become the "new girl" at North Shore High School. Trying to adapt, she turns to Regina George (Renee Rapp), a popular girl in class who considers herself better than others. When Cady begins to fall for Regina's ex-boyfriend Aaron Samuels (Christopher Briney), she suddenly becomes a popular target for bullying. The conflict escalates until everyone in the school knows about it, and the girls' confrontation begins to threaten the entire school.

Jaquel Spivey, Jenna Fischer, Jon Hamm and others starred in supporting roles. The premiere of “Mean Girls” is scheduled for January 10th.