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Best action movies of 2023

The action genre does not give up its position. Let's see which of the "action" movies won the greatest sympathy of the audience.

Photo source: Netflix

Hollywood has been on a roll this year, launching action-packed movies with plenty of fights and chases. From highly anticipated sequels based on famous franchises to refreshingly original stories, 2023 will be remembered for an eclectic mix guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping. Which are the best of the pictures? TheWrap has chosen a few - from epic historical battle to alien confrontation, these movies span the entire spectrum of the genre. Stock up on popcorn, let's list this year's brightest action movies.

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3"

Photo source: Marvel Studios

The film combines James Gunn's famous sense of humor with a heartwarming, yet dynamic story about an impromptu Guardian family. Coon was given special depth. Well, and the thrill was provided by the exciting fight scene in the corridor, which can compete with any of the Marvel movie universe. And although in "Part 3" fans said goodbye to the characters and director they had grown attached to, the movie once again emphasized - "Watchmen" remains the best of the MCU franchise.

Shin Kamen Rider

Photo source: Toei Company

This adaptation infuses the classic Japanese superhero franchise with a tender homage to retro and humor. Delivered by renowned anime visionary Hideaki Anno, the live-action version of Kamen Rider truly lets your favorite character fight with frenetic energy like never before. Whether you've had fun battling controlling heroes in colorful spandex suits or just plain old monsters, "Shin Kamen Rider" will provide a fair share of madness for anyone who's young at heart.

Godzilla Minus One

Photo source: Robot Communications

Released just two weeks ago, this masterpiece about a Japanese monster from director Takashi Yamazaki outdid even this year's big-budget blockbusters. Despite spending a modest $15 million, the movie is a visual marvel. The plot centers on a former World War II pilot trying to recover with his country from the effects of combat. But the human drama turns into something more when he, the ancient and ferocious lizard Godzilla, suddenly emerges from the ocean. Interweaving subtle sensual moments with monstrous mayhem, the picture presents the iconic movie monster in all his glory, exceeds expectations and becomes a kind of highlight of 2023.

Silent Night

Photo source: A Better Tomorrow Films

Hong Kong action master John Woo has made a triumphant Hollywood comeback, directing a gritty crime drama with no dialog. Yoel Kinnaman plays electrician Brian Godlock, whose son is killed in a street shooting on New Year's Eve. The father decides to seek revenge, embarking on a thrilling journey with Woo's trademark "balletic" episodes. He utilizes his full range of directorial talents, from graceful bullet trajectories to car chase scenes in the best tradition of his '90s work. Tense confrontations, virtuoso martial arts scenes and a leisurely turn from Kinnaman make Silent night an adrenaline-fueled noir. Critics are united, Woo's movie has become the highest-octane movie fuel of 2023.

"Mission Impossible: Deadly Reckoning. Part I."

Photo source: Paramount Pictures

Tom Cruise proves 60 is just a number. The two-part saga is so epic that one movie couldn't contain the entire stunt rampage. As tenacious spy Ethan Hunt, Cruise laughs in the face of death, surpassing the aerial feats of "Top Gun: Maverick" (2022) and sending his character jumping off a cliff on a motorcycle. Director Christopher McQuarrie is no newcomer to showcasing Cruise's superhero physics after "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" (2018). He cleverly capitalizes on the main star's dedication to stunt work, making audiences drop their jaws to the floor.

Creed 3

Photo source: MGM

Bringing the world of boxing movies back to life, franchise star Michael B. Jordan took the director's chair and told a deeply personal story of honor and revenge, inside and outside the ring. Jordan returns as Adonis Creed, whose dominance is existentially threatened when his childhood friend and ex-convict wrestler Damian (Jonathan Majers) yearns to assert his status as the undisputed champion. The director introduces subtle visual effects inspired by furious sparring to color this martial arts manga.


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Ridley Scott brings a signature sweep to the saga of a French general who dreamed of conquering the world. Large-scale battles emphasize the emperor's relentless pursuit of domination and victory at any cost. He was played by Joaquin Phoenix. Filming with multiple cameras on the move throws the viewer right into the chaos of 19th century clashes: cavalry attacks, cannon fire and hand-to-hand combat. The director shuffles the episodes not only with ostentatious dashing, but also with inner impact. The shots change quickly and hold one's attention intently. Having made such films as "Gladiator" (2000) and "Kingdom of Heaven" (2005), "Napoleon" Scott once again proves his unrivaled skill as a director of military epics.

"Tyler Rake: Operation Rescue 2."

Photo source: Netflix

This time with the return of covert operations specialist, Chris Hemsworth's character to life after his presumed death in the first movie, Sam Hargrave winds up the plot and raises the stakes. A spectacular 20-minute prison riot with fire stunts and a thrilling train and helicopter duel not only praise the director, but extend Reik's screen life. While he battles death, Hargrave and Russo push the franchise to new heights, mixing emotional drama with sometimes ridiculous set pieces in a wildly fun symbiosis.

"John Wick 4."

Photo source: Lions Gate Films

The epic finale that a story about a quiet vigilante killer, Keanu Reeves' lone hero, deserves. He moves the gauntlet in search of freedom as Chad Stahelski subjects Vic to one jawbreaker after another. From a confrontation at Osaka's Continental to a nightclub brawl with an unrecognizable Scott Atkinson, the film features masterfully staged scenes that reference the Paris confrontation. But Stahelski saves the best for last, continuing the chase across the rooftops of cultural sites with Wick fending off his pursuers. Matching the defining impact of the 21st century franchise, the fourth installment is presented to the protagonist and fans as the uplifting final journey they demanded. That said, the creators left the door open for new adventures.