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Slow Horses has been renewed for a fifth season.

The project about a team of intelligence analysts is available on Apple TV+.

Photo source: Apple TV+

A team of MI-5 misfits led by Jackson Lamb (Gary Oldman) are about to embark on another adventure. "Slow Horses," based on Mick Herron's spy novel series of the same name, has been renewed for a fifth season. "Everyone becomes suspicious when technologist Roddy Ho (Christopher Cheung) strikes up a relationship with a glamorous young lady. Simultaneously, a series of incredibly strange events that happened in the city causes Slow Horses to search for a connection between the two," reads the season five logline. - After all, Lamb knows that in the world of espionage, "the rules of London always work."

The first season of Slow Horses, a spy drama set in the black comedy genre, was released on Apple TV+ in 2022 and quickly became a hit. The plot follows a team of intelligence analysts who, for various reasons, end up in the low-prestige Slough House division, allowing their more fortunate colleagues to call them Slow Horses.

The project's fifth season will be an adaptation of Herron's fifth book, Rules of London. The name of the director has not yet been named. In addition to Oldman and Chung, the new episodes will star Kristin Scott Thomas, Jack Lowden and others.