, author: Plackhin A.

Javier Bardem has joined the crime series "Monster"

His partner for season two will be Chloë Sevigny.

Photo source: Rich Fury/Getty Images

Javier Bardem and Chloë Sevigny have signed on to star in the new season of the anthology series Monster. Its creators are Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan. The plot of the new episodes will follow the high-profile story of brothers Lyle and Eric Menendezov. In the 90's, their names became famous all over America after being accused of killing their own parents in order to quickly get an inheritance.

However, at the trial, the criminals said that they went for the "wet deed" because of years of physical and mental abuse. Bardem and Sevigny just and will play representatives of the older generation of Menendezov. On the roles of brothers approved Cooper Koch (Eric) and Nicholas Alexander Chavez (Lyle).

"Monster" debuted on Netflix in 2022. The first season featured the underbelly of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. As a result, the TV show became the most watched among English-language projects for the entire existence of the streaming service.