, author: Ermakova M.

Max began developing a series based on JK Rowling's Potter series

The process of selecting and approving the writers' ideas is currently underway.

Photo source: Warner Bros.

A television series based on JK Rowling's Harry Potter novels is close to fruition. In April, Warner Bros. Discovery announced that the project will be released on the Max streaming service. The company is currently pitching ideas from writers who share their vision of how to adapt seven works by the British writer about the magical world of Hogwarts for television.

It is known that the first round of “creative” meetings took place last week in Los Angeles; the next discussion will be moved to the “homeland” of the Potter series – Great Britain. It is unclear how involved Rowling herself, who lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, will be in this process. It was previously reported that she would participate in making major decisions on the project and would also act as an executive producer.

Sources close to Max say the streaming service is considering developing multiple ideas based on the book series about a boy wizard. In April, Warner Bros. director Discovery's David Zaslav revealed that Potter's story on Max will be "a decade long." “My wife and I read (the Harry Potter books) to each of our three children... It's really looking forward to the next 10 years when people will be watching Harry Potter on HBO; I think this is actually something,” he concluded.