, author: Ermakova M.

Keanu Reeves' fees for John Wick films revealed

And the film studio Lionsgate confirmed information about the development of the fifth part.

While fans of the John Wick franchise hope for the release of the fifth film, the fees of the leading actor Keanu Reeves have become known. The Canadian native slowly but surely added to his fortune as attention to his hero's vendetta grew and production costs increased. When the budget for the fourth film soared to $90 million, Keanu received an impressive $15 million.

Although for the first film in 2014 his fee was about $2 million. After its success at the box office, the 2017 sequel has already brought him $2.5 million. How much Reeves earned from the third John Wick remains unknown, although the film only took 10 days to make the franchise the highest-grossing franchise in film history.

Despite the fact that John Wick dies at the end of the fourth film, in May 2023 information appeared that work was underway on a fifth series. This was recently confirmed by the head of the film studio behind the franchise, Lionsgate, Joe Drake.