, author: Ermakova M.

Kim Kardashian to star in documentary series about Elizabeth Taylor

The 43-year-old businesswoman will not only portray the legendary actress, but will also serve as the executive producer of the project.

Photo source: David Livingston/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian will dive into film archives with the BBC. They are to produce a documentary series about one of the most famous Hollywood actresses of the 20th century. Elizabeth Taylor. The working title of the project is “Elizabeth Taylor: Rebel Superstar”.

Kardashian will not only appear on screen, but will also produce the project. It will also feature actresses Joan Collins, 90, and Margaret O'Brien, 87, who knew the star of Cleopatra (1963) personally. The project will be filmed for BBC Two and will consist of three parts.

The authors' goal is to show how Taylor became the prototype of the modern celebrity, changing the interaction between actors and audiences. The emphasis will be on the story of her professional technique, how she became the richest artist of her time, a businesswoman and a social activist.