, author: Plackhin A.

Glen Powell plays an undercover cop in the "Hit Man" trailer

The romantic comedy with action elements will hit wide screens in June.

Glen Powell continues to master the romcom genre, but does not forget about his strong biceps. The 35-year-old actor played the main role in the comedy action movie "Hit man", the teaser of which was published by Netflix.

According to the plot, Garry Johnson pretends to be a venerable hitman, it is difficult to find him, so he is busy, and the services he provides are not for everyone. Nevertheless, whoever seeks a meeting with him can expect the job to be done cleanly and on time. The only exception is that the police take over, because Johnson is an undercover officer and cleverly uses the information to catch criminals. Everything goes well for a while, until Garry does not ask for help charming client, in which he falls in love.

Filmed the picture Richard Linklater ("School of Rock", "Before Sunset") on a script written with Powell and Skip Hollandsworth. "Hit Man" will be released on June 7th.